Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Connecting nature - Our 3rd Workshop -

Blogger: Harley Nadler 

Teachers Training for Sustainability had our third workshop on April 15th. The focus of the afternoon was to develop activities for students with a focus on sustainability. We welcomed our guest speaker Jacky Farrell from the Redpath Museum to talk about the nature of sustainability. After a brief explanation, our workshop participants headed outside to practice activities to introduce students to topics of sustainability. For example, One of the activities is to engage our workshop participants in “getting to know a tree”. In this activity, participant students were blind-folded, and they were led by a facilitator to feel the branches, roots, and back of a tree. Afterwards, with the blindfold removed, students were invited to identify the tree which they had been led to based only on the characteristics they were able to feel with their hands.

Our participants found the workshop to be extremely valuable! Some feedback which our team received included: “I would love to use these [activities] in the classroom to build trust amongst students and get them thinking about nature” and “I believe that this workshop should be given to all students that are in education because they offer you resourceful ways of introducing sustainability in a class.”

Teachers Training for Sustainability is holding another workshop soon (date to be announced). Our next workshop will focus on developing sustainability lesson plans through student created cellphilms. We hope to see you there!

If you would like more information, or would like to register for our upcoming workshop, please contact Harley ( harley.nadler@mail.mcgill.ca ) with your program and year.

Project team member: Francesca Fuoco (U4 student, Dept. of Integrated Studies in Education, DISE), Ying-Syuan (Elaine) Huang (PhD student, DISE), Morganne Blais-McPherson (BSc in Neuroscience), and Harley Nadler, (U3 student, DISE)

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