Links to Teacher Resources

Here are some websites that teachers might find useful for informing themselves about sustainability concepts and how to bring sustainability education to their classroom. These links include activity ideas, printable worksheets and online modules. Some webpages provide links to more resources.
For more information on some of the following webpages and their uses, please see Sustainability Blog posts. Or,



Children and Nature

UNESCO Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future - Professional Development Program

United States Environmental Protection Agency - Teacher and Student Resources

Environment Canada

Teachers`s Zone - Ontario Ministry of the Environment

Greening Schools: Sustainability - Integration into Teaching

Penn State Field Guide to Teaching Sustainability

GreeningUSA Database of Sustainability Resources for Teachers

James Cook University online bank of resources for educators and students

Curriculum Resources and Tools - New Zealand Ministry of Education, Education for Sustainability

Tes Connect: Sustainability Teaching Resourcs

Sustainable Happiness and Health Education Teacher’s Guide

Sustainable Happiness - Catherine O'Brien, PhD website

Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit - resources and descriptions

Grade 8 Water Systems & Secondary Science Through Sustainability Contexts -  Centres for Research in Youth, Science Teaching and Learning

Science Education Research Centre - Sustainability Site Guide

Metro Vancouver: K-12 Resources

Learning for a Sustainable Future - Resource database, youth action programs, professional development, lesson plans

Les établissements verts Brundtland

Fairtrade Foundation - Games and information

National Film Board of Canada: Les porteurs d’espoir/ Hope Builders - Students learning to identify, analyze and resolve a problem that exists in their world (French, English Subtitles) 

The Center for Ecoliteracy

The Journal of Sustainability Education

The Association for Experiential Education

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

Sustainability and Education Academy

Green Learning Canada

Canadian Sustainability Curriculum Review Initiative

Learning for a Sustainable Future

Resources for Rethinking

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