Saturday, 2 April 2016

At the EGSS conference: Food for Thought Interactive PD Workshop

On Thursday, March 31st, Teachers Training for Sustainability held its second Professional Development workshop during the annual Education Graduate Students' Society (EGSS) conference at McGill University. This workshop was an interactive discussion with graduate and undergraduate students at the Education Faculty. Education students were invited to respond to a choice of questions and to post their responses in a true public record (in the lobby of the Education Building). Over 50 education students recorded their answers on sticky notes and placed them on a chart paper featuring the question. We recorded many student responses to be featured in a video!

Education students were invited to write their ideas on Postits notes!    

A photo of the project tem members (from left to right): Francesca Fuoco (U4 student, Dept. of Integrated Studies in Education, DISE), Ying-Syuan (Elaine) Huang (PhD student, DISE), Morganne Blais-McPherson (BSc in Neuroscience), and Harley Nadler, (U3 student, DISE).

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