Saturday, 10 August 2013

Kid's Corner - teaching your students about energy consumption!

Canada's SaveOnEnergy Program is a program for homes and businesses to help make it easier to manage their electricity use.

SaveOnEnergy has a great "Kid's Corner" on their website with many links to information on electricity, what it is, how it's made, and how it gets to our homes. The website also has a section on learning through games. You can get your student or child to learn about electricity and energy conservation by playing video games online! This is a great resource for your elementary school student to learn about electricity at their pace in a fun and engaging way. We encourage you to check out the Kid's Corner here.

SaveOnEnergy (for adults) also has a great resources page linking to websites such as Environment Canada, Non-governmental environmental organizations, and case studies on conservation projects happening in Canada. This is a rich source of information for teachers to show high school and elementary students about how to reduce their energy consumption and about some of the larger-scale projects going on in Canada. Click here for the resource page.

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