Saturday, 10 August 2013

5 Tips for Teaching Kids About Sustainable Living

"How Stuff Works" is a great online resource for teaching students how things work, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, in simple terms. "How Stuff Works" also has 5 tips that we think are great for teaching your students or your children about Sustainable Living:

Tip #1: Volunteer in a green activity with your kids or students:
This is a great way to lead by example in teaching your students or kids the importance of taking care and being proud of the community they live in (and at the same time teaching them the importance of volunteering and helping others!) Just ask your local community organizations about events such as neighbourhood cleanups etc. If you find that the activity doesn't exist, why not start it yourself?

Tip #2: Read to your kids about green-themed stories!
Those bed-time stories make a big impact... many kids can recall the stories read to them during their childhood, so why not green-ify them? There are some great green-themed books (that teach kids about helping and taking care of the environment i.e. "environmental stewardship" and sustainability). Chances are your kids will want you to read the stories over and over again! You'll leave them with lessons that will stay with them for years to come.

Tip #3: Get your kids involved in your green household tasks: 
How Stuff works suggests getting your younger kids to help you with the recycling, or showing them how you use natural cleaning products... With teenagers, work with them on larger projects to green your home like growing a vegetable and herb garden or starting a compost bin!

Tip #4: Make learning about the environment FUN!
Show your kids and teenagers movies such as "Planet Earth" or "March of the Penguins" to strengthen the affinity that kids have towards animals and the outdoors. Teach your kids about Mother nature and the Animal kingdom as you watch and tell them how their futures depend on us to protect them! This will help ingrain a bigger sense of responsibility.

Tip #5: Lead a green life and lead by example:
Kids mimic their elders' actions... therefore, teachers and parents have a responsibility to set a good example, especially when it comes to sustainable living. If you want your kids to do it, you have to practice it yourself. Recycle more, use less water and power, and take the time to walk, instead of using the car! For more ideas on experiments you can do to reduce your consumption and increase your sustainable living, click here!

Now this is just a summary of each tip! For the full article on "How Stuff Works" with even more links to activities for living sustainably, click here.

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