Tuesday, 25 June 2013

UNESCO's take on how to educate students about planet and the interconnectedness of global issues in 27 Modules

UNESCO's Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future aims to provide teachers with means to educate students about the world in which they live and address the interconnections of the issues that affect our future. 
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, along with Dr. John Fien of Griffith University, has developed a multimedia programme to help teachers understand sustainable development and integrate these concepts into the curriculum.

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The programme is available on CD-ROM or online, and consists of 27 learning modules divided into four themes: Curriculum Rationale, Sustainable Development Across the Curriculum, Contemporary Issues, and Teaching & Learning Strategies.

Each module has a learning journal with thought-provoking questions to guide users through the five activities and a reflection. Activities are designed to help teachers understand the connections between issues of sustainability and also how to teach these concepts to students for future change.

UNESCO recognizes that "education is one of the most powerful instruments to bring about change for sustainable development".

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