Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Environment Canada - A great resource on the environment for students and teachers

The Canadian Lightning Danger Map highlights areas that are at the greatest risk of being struck by lightning.

Whether students are doing research for assignments or simply curious about a topic, Environment Canada's website is a valuable resource. Students (and teachers!) can explore the many interesting topics available on Environment Canada, such as conservation of migratory birds, hazardous weather, and environmental science news. It offers easy-to-understand information and is easy to navigate for high school students. Read on for more features of Environment Canada!

The website also gives access to publications which may provide activity ideas for elementary and secondary teachers, including "Clean, Safe and Sustainable Activities Kids Can Do".

There is a page of environmental indicators which are used to measure environmental progress. This page contains simple graphs to view environmental trends. More information and related topics are displayed when the graph is clicked. We think this resource would be very useful for secondary level research projects.

To view the Environment Canada website, starting with a definition of sustainable development, please click here.

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