Saturday, 15 June 2013

Green Schools Initiative: School Water Audit - Student Activity

A great way to make students aware of their water usage is to have them do a water audit of their school. The Green Schools Initiative has done an excellent job of creating simple worksheets for students to fill out to conduct this type of audit!

After performing the audit, students should discuss their findings and how the factors discussed relate to water usage.

Have a look at the type of questions asked on the audit worksheet from the link below.

School Water Audit
Name: ________________________________      

Bathroom/Classroom :____________________     Date:_______________________________


     1.  How many faucets are in the room? ______  

     2. Do they turn off automatically? ___YES  ___NO

     3. How many of the faucets are leaky? _______

     4. Are there signs reminding people to turn off the water?   ___ Yes ___No

Location of Bathroom____________________________

1.     How many faucets are in the bathroom? ______  

Do the faucets turn off automatically? ___YES ___NO

2.     How many of the faucets are leaky? _______

3.     Are there signs reminding students to turn off the water?      ___ Yes                                  ___No

4.     How many toilets leak or run? _____________

5.  How many urinals are in the bathroom? ________ Are they waterless? ___________

WATER FOUNTAINS – Location (ex. Hallway, cafeteria, etc.): ____________________________

       1.     How many water fountains are there? _______

       2.     How many water fountains are leaky? ________

       3.     How many of the water fountains don’t work? _________

1. Is there a rain barrel? ___ YES ___NO        

If yes, what is it used for? 

2. Ask your custodian or facilities person who waters the garden. Is drip irrigation used to water plants outside?

3. How often is the garden watered?

4. Walk around the schoolyard and check out the plants. Ask a teacher if there any plants that require less water in the schoolyard?  (These are called drought-tolerant plants).

Please share ONE IDEA for how your school could save more water.


Download the worksheet HERE!

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