Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Green Schools Initiative: School Energy Audit - Student activity

This activity may used for elementary students as a central activity with a discussion to follow. By the end of the discussion, students should understand that there are actions they can take to reduce energy usage in their schools and at home. If the school is already turning off lights and unplugging unused equipment, then students will become aware of the positive movements towards reducing environmental impact of the school. Read more about how the Energy Audit can be used in sustainability education.

This worksheet and activity can be used in secondary classes as an introduction or complement to a higher level thinking project. The questions asked in the audit get students thinking about simple ways to reduce energy waste, but also about  physics and engineering technology concepts such as electricity (circuits) and solar panels.

Question 4 stands out to me as a genius, but often overlooked, method of energy conservation. On a sunny day, why not use the natural lighting in the classroom and turn off overhead lights?

See the activity by clicking here.

For more information about the Green Schools Initiative and other student activities, please see the Green Schools Initiative Website.

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