Tuesday, 18 June 2013

3 things to consider in getting your school to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

A surprising number of people (including teachers) do not recycle because they are not sure what they are actually able to recycle in their area, depending on recycling facilities. Teachers should remember to teach their students about the local recycling guidelines. Information on what can and cannot be recycled in a given location can be found on the website of their respective city or town. For example, the city of Toronto lists what can and cannot be recycled right here! Often the municipality offers free pamphlets and posters to give visual reminders of what is recyclable and compostable. It may be useful to hang these posters in classrooms, staff room, cafeteria and in any high traffic garbage area. Look for these resources to aid you in your teaching :)

It is also very important to ensure that your school has a recycling program in place. Read more to find out why.

Many schools may have recycling bins in classrooms but if there is no recycling truck doing curbside pickup, the recycling will be in vain. You can call your local waste management facility to request recycling pick-up at your school. 

Another factor in that can be an obstacle to your school's recycling program is determining who will collect and gather the recycled material. In many schools, this task does not fall under the role of the custodian as recycling often requires someone to sort it into appropriate bins. One solution is to recruit student volunteers and form a weekly "recycling task" schedule. This is a great opportunity for students who wish to gain volunteer experience, get involved in the community, learn more about recycling and become a recycling ambassador, or can be a great activity for an environmental student group!

For for concrete steps (and a list of activities) that you can take to reduce, reuse and recycle more, click here!

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