Monday, 2 September 2013

The Basics of Energy and Clean Power: Lesson Plans for Grade 6-12

This website provides multiple lesson plans that span a wide range of topics, all related to the environment. The exercises include hands-on, inquiry driven activities that are sure to educate the students and keep them interested. Each lesson plan includes student worksheets, notes for teachers, assessment methods and incorporates the use of different technologies. 

Each activity is appropriate for students from Grade 6-12 and revolves around the subject of clean power, energy basics and efficiency and conservation. These are the lesson plans available: TheBiomass Balancing Act, Thinking About Energy, Running on Renewables, MaximumPower Point, Food or Fuel, Wind Power & You, Solar Racing, Siting WindPower, Managing Your Energy Budget, Solar Cooking, Photovoltaics & FuelCells, Eating Your Energy’s Worth, Electricity Unplugged.

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