Monday, 19 August 2013

McGill University Recently Featured in New York Times as "Green Campus"

Recently, the New York Times wrote a great piece about the growing movement of "greening" university campuses in Canada.

From solar powered showers at The University of Toronto's Athletic facilities to the huge effort at McGill University to eat food on campus that is grown on and by campus students, "sustainability" is becoming more than just a buzzword. Sustainability is a framework that is applied to the daily operations, functions and planning in Canadian universities. It has... "become enshrined both in university policy and in daily student life.". 

Click this link to read the article which featured the sustainability efforts currently taking place at McGill University such as:

1. McGill Feeding McGill (which has responded to student demand for more organic, locally sourced food and partners dormitory cafeteria services with Plant Science Department.)

2. "Edible Campus Project" which students participate in by growing vegetables that are used by a Meals on Wheels program that serves mobility-impaired residents in a low-income neighborhood.

3. The Shut Your Sash campaign to make laboratory practices more environmentally friendly 

4. The McGill Farmers’ Market (held every Fall on campus)

and 5. Vision 2020: Creating a Sustainable McGill - the strategic initiative to to turn McGill into a sustainable campus by 2020. 

Plus, read about what's going on at the University of British Columbia and University of Toronto too!

Click the link HERE to access the New York Times Article.

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